Conga 1090 Series

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Conga Serie 1090

Being new does not mean being inexperienced. At least not for us. After having innovated creating the best cleaning robots that scrub, we decided to apply all our knowledge in order to improve the living experience between you and your pets.

We have improved what was already perfect. It is implacable with dust thanks to both of its brushes that remove every single pet hair. Always finds the fastest route and returns intelligently to the charging base.

  • Professional 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs the floor.
  • BestFriend Care system with 2 interchangeable brushes that avoid tangles. Special rubber brush to remove animal hair from difficult places such as carpets and mats and another brush made of 2 materials for all surfaces and types of dirt.
  • Scrubs for you! Its Wash4You system mops and scrubs by just installing de wet tank. Cleans smartly large surfaces thanks to its advanced electronic valve system that doses and distributes water homogeneously through the mop.
  • Turbo Clean Carpet system that activates maximum-power turbo mode in carpets in order to clean them efficiently.
  • iTech Space technology for a smart and organized navigation with proximity, bumper and free-fall sensors.
  • Force Implode system: powerful turbine that maximizes its great suction  power of up to 1400 Pa. Removes all types of dirt to ensure an always-clean floor.
  • 3 power levels: Eco mode for shallow cleaning with minimum consumption, normal mode for daily cleaning and turbo mode (1400 Pa) for deep cleaning.
  • Brush Pro technology that consists of a rotary main brush that cleans all the dirt and dust inside mats and carpets.  2-material brush, bristles and rubber silicone to remove all the dirt.
  • 5 cleaning modes (The Specialized 5): Auto, edges, room, spiral and back home.
  • OnlySilence technology for silent cleaning, < 64 dB.
  • 2-material Twin Floor mop to carry out professional cleaning over all types of surfaces.
  • All-TimeTable: programmable 24/7 all the week.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging base when it has finished cleaning thanks to its GPS Home system.
  • Easy and intuitive control through its remote control and LCD display.
  • Immortal Battery system, with Ion-Lithium battery, 14.4 V and 2600 mAh. Enjoy up to 160 minutes of autonomy.
  • Purifies air with the high-efficiency filter, capable of retaining a large quantity of allergens and dust.
  • Suitable for all types of floor and thin carpets.
  • 2 large-capacity tanks, one for dust (500 ml) and another one for wet (400 ml).
  • Totally adapts to your home, cleans underneath furniture, detects obstacles and avoids falling down the stairs.
  • Reaches every corner thanks to its 2 side brushes which help pushing all the dust towards the suction nozzle.
  • Modern and elegant aesthetic with tempered-glass design.

* Under optimum cleaning conditions: hard floors with little scratches and moderate amount of obstacles

  • Conga Serie 1090 robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Charging base.
  • 4 side brushes.
  • 1 main brush made of bristles and silicone.
  • 1 special silicone main brush for pets.
  • 2 high-efficiency filters.
  • 2 mops.
  • 1 auto-cleaning brush
  • Solids tank.
  • Wet tank.

Data sheet

Scrubbing: fregado perfecto no
Limpieza habitación seleccionada no
Mapeo interactivo no
Autolocalización en mapa no
APP móvil no
Área restringida no
Limpieza profunda DeepClean no
Mapeo con vuelta a casa no
Cepillo de silicona si
3 niveles de fregado no
Cepillo central rotativo si
Modo Turbo alfombras si
3 niveles de potencia si
Mopa de 2 materiales si
Programable 24/7 si
Filtro HEPA
Sistema de fregado Fregado inteligente con Electro-válvula
Modo de limpieza 5
Batería Batería de Litio 160 min
Potencia 1400 Pa
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