HEPA filter replacement for Conga Ergopower and Conga Ergoextreme



HEPA filter compatible with he following models: Conga ErgoPower and Conga ErgoExtreme. It is a high-efficiency air filter that purifies the air catching 99 % of allergens, pollen, dust mites, and dust particles, preventing possible allergies.

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Vacuum cleaner have a series of consumable elements that wear out with use, such as the HEPA filter. This accessory must be replaced after some time, depending on how much you use the vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions in the manual, in order to lengthen the lifespan of the filter and reach the best cleaning performance. The original HEPA filter guarantees the best quality, performance, cleaning efficiency, and hygiene.


· HEPA filter compatible with the following models: Conga ErgoPower y Conga ErgoExtreme.

· Replace the HEPa filter and achieve the best cleaning performance.

· Maximum quality.  


· Conga ErgoPower

· Conga ErgoExtreme

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