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Get your Conga Home 10.000 autoclean base and automatically and smartly clean the solids tank of your robot.

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Conga 9090 IA

Robot vacuum cleaner with 3Diana artificial intelligence and laser technology that scrubs, vacuums and sweeps at the same time. Detects and recognises the most common objects and pets at home. Maximum cleaning accuracy. Maximum power: 10000 Pa. Jalisco brush. Room Assist. APP.

  • 3Diana Artificial Intelligence: The robot detects and recognises the most common objects thanks to its 3-dimension sensor and front camera, and acts according to the situation, adapting the cleaning cycle. It also recognises floors and rooms, showing them on the map automatically.
  • Maximum precision: Thanks to the innovative artificial intelligence technology, it maximises cleaning by performing more accurate route and estimates* to remove all the dirt. It reaches the most difficult spots. (* When compared with the previous models by Cecotec).
  • Robot vacuum cleaner with professional 4-in-1 laser mapping: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs simultaneously. Cleans your home’s surface efficiently, in an organized and smart way. Includes Wi-Fi and App.
  • 10000 Pa: The greatest suction pressure ever* (*when compared to the previous models by Cecotec).
  • Twerking Tank: vibrating mop for descaling and smart scrubbing with 3 water flow levels (High, Medium and Low) and 3 vibrating levels.
  • Manage up to 50 cleaning plans thanks to its RoomPlan 3.0 innovating system by selecting specific rooms you want to clean at the desired moment.
  • APP Control:  Smartphone app for you to control the robot by selecting cleaning modes, scheduling cleaning tasks, selecting suction and scrubbing power levels or checking the cleaning record.
  • Jalisco Brush: Brush that removes the finest dirt.  Thanks to this brush you can even vacuum the dirt which is not visible at first glance.
  • Virtual Map: Saves the map and displays it on the app.
  • Thanks to its VirtualVoice technology, you will be able to connect your robot to voice virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. You will be able to use different voice commands to start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot back to the charging base or even locate it through beep sounds* (Check the conditions in the instruction manual).
  • It includes the BestFriend Care brush, an interchangeable silicone brush ideal for pets and long hair.
  • Smart iTech Laser 360 navigation. The robot scans and maps your home through a 360-degree recognition (laser plane dimensioned). Plans the quickest, most efficient, organised and smart cleaning route of each of the rooms in your house.  This innovating technology turns your Conga into an extremely smart robot.
  • Interactive MultiMap 3.0 system to save up to 5 different maps to the robot’s memory.
  • It is programmed with iWater system with 3 scrubbing modes: High, perfect for thorough scrubbing; Medium, ideal for daily scrubbing; and Low, perfect for coarse cleaning. Thanks to these 3 modes, you will be able to mop any type of surface.
  • Its cleaning by areas allows selecting the rooms you want it to clean. It is the perfect mode to clean the most-frequently used rooms and those that require deeper cleaning.
  • Set restricted areas with limits to block areas which you do not want the robot to clean.  The robot adapts perfectly to all your cleaning requirements.
  • Choose spot cleaning for the robot to thoroughly clean a specific area in the map, for example, under the bed or the table (*Check the conditions of this function in the instruction manual).
  • Total Surface 3.0 technology, to efficiently clean your home’s complete surface*.  The robot automatically returns to the charging base when it runs out of battery, charges its battery and resumes the cleaning process until it finishes it (*Check the conditions in the instruction manual).
  • 12 cleaning modes:  Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual, Deep Cleaning, Scrubbing, Edges, Back home, Full cleaning and Squared spiral. Keep your home always clean!
  • Thanks to its 8 optical sensors, located all around the robot perimeter, it is able to navigate in an orderly manner and to remove dirt from the most difficult corners such as in areas with shoes or full of obstacles.
  • The robot maps your whole house before starting cleaning, saves it and searches the quickest and most efficient route*. Smart technology that allows it to know exactly where it is, where it has passed through and where it has to go. It can clean over the same area up to 2 times for a deeper cleaning. View the interactive map on the App. (*Check the conditions of this function in the instruction manual).
  • Turbo Clean Carpet system which activates the Turbo mode at maximum power on carpets to clean them in the most precise manner, shows the cleaning area and, if you select the scrubbing mode, the robot will not pass over carpets, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence. (Function suitable for carpets with a determined width).
  • 100 % innovating and smart scrubbing! The robot features Scrubbing mode, with which it smartly scrubs and mops for you thank to its sway movement.
  • Wash4You technology to control and dose water level and water flow uniformly through electronic control. Keeps the mop always damp with precision and allows cleaning wider zones.
  • Twin Floor mop with a material to carry out professional cleaning over all types of surfaces.
  • Pro All-TimeTable: programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can choose the room to be cleaned, the order in which you want to clean every room, the parameters for every room, the suction power, the scrubbing flow level, as well as choosing the suggested plans.
  • OnlySilence technology for silent cleaning with a < 64 dB noise level.
  • Li-Ion battery. 14.8 V and 6400 mAh. Enjoy up to 240-minute autonomy*.  (*Under optimum cleaning conditions: hard floors with little scratches and moderate amount of obstacles).
  • It automatically returns to the charging base when it has finished cleaning* thanks to the smart GPS Home system (*Check the conditions in the instruction manual).
  • It purifies air with the high-performance filter, capable to retain great amounts of allergens and dust* (*according to internal test results by Cecotec).
  • Suitable for all types of floor and thin carpets.
  • It completely adapts to your home, cleans underneath furniture, detects the most common obstacles at home and avoids falling down the stairs.
  • Compatible with Conga Home 10.000* autoclean base (*not included in the product. Bought separately).

  • 2 Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Special silicone main brush for pets
  • Jalisco brush
  • Vibrating scrubbing tank
  • Dust tank
  • Remote control         
  • 2 mops
  • 2 side brushes
  • 1 high-efficiency filter
  • Auto-cleaning brush
  • Charging base and power adapter
  • Instruction manual  
  • App manual

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