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Olla GM H Deluxe

Olla GM Model H Deluxe programmable electric cooker by Cecotec.  6-litre capacity and 24-hour timer.  Includes scale function and innovative Advance folding cover, more comfortable for pressure release.

  • Multifunctional electric cooker that cooks for you any type of dish in record time. 
  • 19 different ways of cooking that will help you prepare starters, rice dishes, pasta, stews, fish, desserts… every recipe you can imagine.
  • Innovating Advance cover that releases pressure from cooking easily, avoiding splashes.
  • Its folding lid allows you to stir food and to serve it easily, without staining.
  • Includes Excelsior inner pot, extremely non-stick, that performs optimum results.
  • 24-hour programmable, for you to enjoy freshly-cooked food when you get home.
  • Enjoy familiar meals thanks to its 6-litre capacity.
  • Eco mode, for you to save up to 50 % electricity when cooking.
  • Turbo, high-pressure cooking, steam, stew, low-heat cooking, poach, comfit, ferment, bread, dessert, rice, pasta, griddle, stir-fry, fry and oven bake.  
  • Smart GMCore system that adapts each recipe’s cooking process to the amount of food, no matter if its 1 or 15 servings.
  • It includes a full recipe book and access to the interactive social community and Cecotec weekly recipes.  
  • 11 adjustable temperatures, up to 200 ºC. Cook any type of recipe. 
  • 5 adjustable pressures, up to 90 kPa. Cook faster. 
  • Features heat and reheat function. Adapts to the user’s requirements.
  • Voice-guided control in 6 languages and step by step: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. 
  • Eprom memory that saves settings in case of power outage.
  • 15 safety systems that ensure proper operation and allows the cooking pot to operate at high pressure without danger.
  • LED display with ergonomic touch panel that allows perfect control of the cooking process.

  • Olla GM cooker Model H 
  • Non-stick Excelsior inner pot
  • Measuring cup
  • Ladle
  • Baking tray
  • Frying basket
  • Recipe book
  • Instruction manual

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