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Mica panel heaters

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Mechanical mica panel heater. Powerful.  2000 W. LCD display.  Timer. 3 modes.  With wheels. Adjustable thermostat.  Overheating-protection system. Ready Warm 3000 Now.

  • Mechanical mica panel heater.
  • Great maximum power: 2000 W.
    Adjustable thermostat with 2 different power levels to optimise energy consumption: Eco mode (1000 W) and Max. mode (2000 W).
  • Its Warm Timer will allow you to schedule the heater up to 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Includes Auto-off function that activates the set operating time has elapsed.
  • Designed with Smart Control technology for a remote, smart control of the device through remote control and LCD display.
  • Instant and even heating around the whole room. The heating panel spreads heat and keeps temperature steady.
  • Its mica heating element heats fast and efficiently and helps you save on your electricity bill.
  • Its Warm Space technology is capable of heating 15  efficiently.
  • Overprotect System protection against overheating and AutoOff system, that turns the heater automatically off in case of overheating in order to avoid damage to the device and to the room where it is installed.
  • Tip-over safety system: The fan heater stops automatically when it is moved, placed in an unusual position or when it falls.
  • EasyGo system for easy transportation. Includes ergonomic handle and multi-directional casters to
    move it around comfortably.
  • Power light indicator.
  • Includes feet and wall bracket for different assembly options.
  • The heater complies with environmental safety and protection current legislation.
  • Measures: 0.2 x 0.785 x 0.57 - Width x Long x High.
  • Mica heating panel.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Base and holders.

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