Cecojuicer Pro + ice cream filter

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Cecojuicer Pro + ice cream filter

The cold-press slow juicer Cecojuicer Pro is the healthiest option if you wat to enjoy all types of refreshing juices. Ideal to prepare all kinds of smoothies, natural fruits and vegetables keeping all its properties with its low speed of 45 rpm, and extracts up to 30 % more juice. It has an XL inlet mouth which allows introducing whole pieces of fruit or vegetable.

  • Slow juicer with cold press system that extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables, maintaining its natural properties and prevents oxidation.
  • Slow speed of 45 rpm. Extracts juice with gentle cold pressing and minimized loss of nutrients. It has a squeezing screw that presses the fruit, not crushing it.

  • XL channel to introduce whole fruits and vegetables.

  • 250-W motor so that no fruit or vegetable can resist it.

  • Quieter system than a conventional blender, 40-50 dB versus 80-95 dB.

  • Less pulp. Includes stainless-steel filter as standard for liquefied juices.

  • Anti-drip plug that avoids splashes and facilitates the best mixtures. Also allows cleaning with just a glass of water, so you can use it again immediately.

  • Switch with 3 positions: stop, on and reverse to mix blends and help unclogging.

  • Drum with anti-drip system and double outlet to the jars for the juice and pulp.

  • Drum and jars in Tritan, environmentally-friendly material and free of Bisphenol A (BPA-free).

  • With safety lock. Only works if correctly assembled.

  • With two jugs, one for the juice and one for the pulp.

  • It includes a pusher and a brush to help in the cleaning.

  • Blender.
  • Drum.
  • Standard filter for juices.
  • Stirrer.
  • Pressing screw.
  • Inlet channel.
  • Presser.
  • Juice jug.
  • Jug for pulp.
  • Brush.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Ice cream filter (included).

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