Cheese&Grill 12000 Inox AllStone

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Cheese&Grill 12000 AllStone

Cheese raclette and grill, 2000 W, top natural stone grill and stainless-steel finish.

  • Removable design for easy clean-ups. The plate and the grill can be easily disassembled for easy clean-ups.
  • Top plate made of high-quality material and non-stick pans for a fast and easy cleaning.
  • Designed to be used directly on the table or as a tray in order to keep food warm for longer.
  • Its light indicator ensures safe operation.
  • Non-skid feet support that ensure product stability and firm assembly.
  • Thermostat fuse for a good protection against overheating.
  • High-quality natural stone plate
  • Raclette
  • 8 small pans
  • 8 wooden spatulas
  • Instruction manual

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