Cecotec is a solid company, specialized in small electrical household appliances and other home items. We search for smart and innovating solutions in order to adapt our products to our client’s changing necessities.


We manufacture and sell home appliances aimed at improving people’s lives. We offer a wide range of products: robot vacuum cleaners, food processors, fryers, kitchenware, relax, fitness and programmable cookers. Our designs facilitate household chores allowing you to enjoy your time. We work different specialized brands for each product range.


Since 1995 we are working in order to offer reliable and quality products adaptable to changing necessities. We count on a wide client portfolio for which we have developed electrical household appliances that have been very positively accepted in the market. As a nationally consolidated firm, in Cecotec we also distribute at an international level and are looking forward to new challenges, opportunities and markets where we can offer great differential value products.


We are firmly committed to innovation and all our products are based on cutting-edge technology. We offer a wide range of items equipped with the most outstanding safety measures. Some of our values to point out are;

  •       Offering quality products.
  •       Human approach, providing personalized attention to customers.
  •       Defending environmentally sustainable business practices. Moreover, our products ensure reduced electrical consumption.
  •       Searching continuous improvement in order to offer the smartest and most innovative solutions.




Our key objective is to offer unique products, this is the reason why we bear in mind all latest market trends when we design them, demanding the best quality. Every product is easy to use (user-friendly), safe and stands out due to its excellent value for money.


In Cecotec we take care of the smallest details, starting by the product design and finishing off with the after-sale service, offering an added value. We care about your well-being, we get better each day and we help you choose the ideal electronic household appliance for your home.