From Cecotec’s legal and safety department and thanks to users and clients, we have noticed the proliferation of websites and advertisements of questionable provenance, that have nothing to do with our brand or products.  In this sense, we want to remind that we always recommend you to use our official websites, as well as authorized retailers that are totally identifiable.

As a tip, we want to share some recommendations from the Internet User Security Office. In case you detect an advertisement with any of the characteristics described in this security notice, it must be denounced. We would also appreciate if you reported these fake websites at


If it is too late and you have already proceeded to purchase any product at these fake online stores, apart from carrying out the before step, you must also report it to the State Security Forces and Corps for them to take all the appropriate measures considered.  In any case, it is extremely important to provide as many evidence as possible when it is denounced so that all the facts are proven.

See below all fake websites that users have shared with us:

We really appreciate your collaboration.