Recolax Cloudsense Articulated Mattress


142,35 €

Plazo de entrega estimado 24-72 horas laborables
Envío: 7,00 € aprox.

2 años de garantía
Pago 100% seguro


· 19 cm anatomical viscoelastic mattress with high-quality, non-deformable foam core.

· Memory foam: it takes your body shape for maximum comfort.

· Specially designed not to be deformed even by articulated mattress bases.

· Breathable: allows a better air flow through the mattress.

· It contains natural fibre, hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture and keeps the body heat.

· Its elasticity and consistency provide a correct posture at all times.

· Pleasant soft feeling for more comfort that helps you get asleep.

· Ecological: free of toxic materials and recyclable.

· Hypoallergenic: antimites and antibacterial. Beneficial for your health.

· Vacuum packed for an easier transportation and maximum hygiene.

· Density: 23 kg.

· Hardness: 3.9 kPa.

· Padding: Moncel Recolax cover+ viscoelastic layer + high-quality foam layer.

· Washable cover with zipper.

· Available measures: consult.


· Viscoelastic mattress


2 years

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