Bamba InstantCare 1100 Smooth Brush

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Bamba InstantCare 1100 Smooth Brush straightening brush

Ionic straightening brush with ceramic coating and avocado extract

  • Advanced ceramic straightening brush with conditioning micro-particles, designed to leave your hair shiny and moisturized. With special coating with avocado extract to improve your hair’s health and aspect.
  • It operates on a 140 ºC- 220 ºC range, has 9 preset settings and digital display, which allow complete control of the device and adapts it to each hair’s requirements, straightening it simply and easily. 
  • Pro Ionizer technology. The ion generator built into the brush leaves your hair shinier and prevents it from frizzing.
  • The straightening brush is designed to straighten hair without reducing its volume. On top of that, its ceramic coating with avocado extract provides hair with brightness and a healthy look. It helps eliminating dandruff and protects hair from excessive heat.
  • Its large ceramic head is perfect for brushing bigger hair sections, straightening hair to perfection in less time and fewer passes. This way, hair is kept moisturised and shiny, avoiding colour loss and preventing hair breakage.
  • Thanks to its ceramic coating with avocado extract, it slides smoothly down the hair, preventing it from breaking and protects it from roots to ends, improving your hair.
  • Features 37 bristles that untangle and separate hair, and at the same time bring hair towards the 61 heating bristles that straighten and shape hair fast and effectively.
  • Its auto shut-off system makes it safer to use, turning the device automatically off after 30 minutes of no operation.
  • Includes a 3-metre cord and a 360º system for comfortable usability. It also has a resistant ring to hang it while not in use. 
  • The straightening brush’s thermal system diffuses heat constantly and optimises hair straightening from roots to tips, keeping hair shiny and hydrated without damaging it.
  • It includes heatproof travel pouch, perfect for storing the brush.

  • Straightening brush
  • Heatproof pouch
  • Instruction manual 

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