Surface Precision 9700 Smart Healthy

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Bathroom scales

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Surface Precision 9700 Smart Healthy (BI) bathroom scale/h2>

Bathroom scale with bioimpedance function, Bluetooth connectivity and tempered glass surface.

  • SmartBlue: Smartphone connectivity through 4.0. Bluetooth that allows recording automatically all the app parameters for you to evaluate evolution.
  • TenBIA: bioelectrical impedance measurement method (BIA) with full body analysis and 10-parameter precise measuring: weight, body fat, body mass index, muscle mass, bone mass, body age, water, visceral fat, basal metabolism and evaluation of physical conditions.
  • Offers a large measuring range, from 5 kg (11 lb) up to 180 kg (400 lb) measured by 100 g (0,2 lb), increasing its liability. 
  • BabyWeight function that allows weighing babies with complete precision.
  •  Large-surface digital bathroom scale, 300 x 300 mm, for a more comfortable use.
  • Extra-flat platform made from high-security tempered glass coated with indium tin oxide. Its design fits any type of room.
  • FourPrecision: High measuring precision thanks to its 4 cutting-edge sensor that allow for an extreme accuracy during weighing.
  • Includes measuring tape to help volume measuring control and batteries simple and easily.
  • Easy Usability multifunction.Easy usability thanks to the auto shut-off function, the fast and simple power-on, overload indicator and battery indicator.
  • Large hidden LED display, nice design and easy viewing of results. Fits any type of room.
  • SafeGrip: 4 silicone feet that improve floor grip and add security
  • Switch button from Kg to Lb.
  • Product
  • Measuring tape.
  • Instruction manual

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