Recolax Visco Acticarbon


The pillow Recolax Visco Acticarbon has active carbon particles that contribute to improve the air circulation and the filtration of bad smells, give your skin more freshness, in addition to improving your rest with its anti-stress effect. 

23,76 €

Plazo de entrega estimado 24-72 horas laborables
Envío: 5,00 € aprox.

2 años de garantía
Pago 100% seguro


· Viscoelastic pillow with activated carbon particles.
· Favours the filtration of bad smells.
· Avoids the apparition of humidity: more hygienic and durable.
· Hypoallergenic: repels dust mites and bacteria.
· Thermal: maintains a constant temperature.
· Adaptable and elastic.
· The only material without bouncing effect.
· Does not press on blod vessels, improving blood circulation.
· Allows a free air-flow for a better air circulation.
· Therapeutic. Improves your rest. 


· Pillow Recolax Visco Acticarbon
· Inner remesh pillowcase
· Exterior Strech pillowcase
· Case
· Brochure 

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