Pillow Recolax Visco Nature


The pillow Recolax Visco Nature has been manufactured with a viscoelastic core and natural components that are very beneficial for your health, such as almond shells or olive pits. 

19,20 €

Envío: 5,00 € aprox.


· Viscoelastic pillow with natural materials.
· Beneficial for your health, as it is manufactured with almond shells and olive pits.
· Absorbs humidity and bad smells.
· Fresh and pure rest.
· The only material without bouncing effect that provides you with a spongy and resistant support.
· Material sensitive to body temperature.
· Does not press on blod vessels, improving blood circulation.
· Allows a free air-flow for a better air circulation.
· Cannot be deformed, and adapts itself to your body weight and shape.
· Therapeutic.
· Anti-allergic.
· Improves your rest. 


· Pillow Visco Nature
· Inner remesh pillowcase
· Exterior Strech Pillowcase
· Case
· Brochure 

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