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Practical and functional pillow, manufactured 100% with viscoelastic flakes that provide you with a spongy and resistant support. It adapts itself to your body shape optimizing your rest. 
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The pillow Recolax Viscoelastic is manufactured with a continuous 100% viscoelastic sheet. Thanks to its flexibility, the foam adjusts itself to your body shape, providing you with a better rest, comfort, and freshness. 
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Pillow Recolax Visco Graphene with a special thermoregulating treatment that maintains your body temperature throughout the night. It has multiple qualities that highlight its resistance and lightness. It weights 5 times less than steel, but is 200 times more resistant. 
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The pillow Recolax Visco Soya is manufactured with a viscoelastic core, aloe vera, and natural oils. The soya provides a better rest and has an absorption capacity 4 times higher than cotton. 
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The pillow Recolax Visco Acticarbon has active carbon particles that contribute to improve the air circulation and the filtration of bad smells, give your skin more freshness, in addition to improving your rest with its anti-stress effect. 
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The pillow Recolax Visco Latex combines the adaptability from a viscoelastic pillow with the softness and elasticity from latex, in order to provide you with more firmness. It also provides you with a weightlessness feeling, relieving pressure from your shoulders and allowing you to have an optimal rest. 
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